It all started from a small town country market (Karvakkos Market) in Tapiola, MI. where the number of “Finns” outnumber the stars.  “Crazy Joe” they call him, sliced and diced his way to stardom among the residents of small town USA where people take the time to enjoy the tasteful pleasures of life.

The July temp is reaching 90 degrees, and the farmers market in front of the store is coming to a close for the day.  An abundance of cucumbers sitting outside on the table is catching the eye of Crazy Joe.  “Nothing goes to waste around here” he says.  With bread and butter pickles on his mind he starts to get to work.  Oh no, we have ran out of picking spice.  Most people would have made the 20 mile drive to the big city to gather ingredients, but not Crazy Joe.  “I can make something out of nothing”, stated Crazy Joe. He had already been making a Fresh Tomato salsa that flew out the door faster then his table top processor could chop.  “I think I will make some salsa out of these extra cucs”, and that my friends is how Crazy Joe’s Cucumber Salsa was born.

In no time at all the whispers of something great traveled through the warm breeze, and people from great distances were driving to Tapiola to experience what everyone was talking about.  We don’t know necessarily if they where talking about Crazy Joe himself with his Mohawk and ponytail, or the mouthwatering salsa that kept people coming back for more.  Ahh, We will just say it was for the salsa.

From there the idea was born to spread the heavenly flavors to the masses. 

Crazy Joe’s Salsa comes in two varieties; Fresh Tomato and Cucumber.  Both having a mild and spicy variance.   Another masterpiece is the Mushroom Onion Jalapeno Dip.  The onions and mushrooms are marinated for two weeks in one of Crazy Joe’s mixture of spices and red wine vinegar.  Blended together with cream cheese, and jalapenos.  Warning! Your taste buds might explode.  Don’t let us forget about the Cranberry Walnut Dip, a perfect spread for pretty much anything.

You can find Crazy Joe’s Fresh Salsas and Dips at stores throughout the UP and Wisconsin.   If you don’t see our product, do us a favor, and get a little Crazy.  Tell your local store to give us a call.    Please visit our Facebook page, give us a Like, and send us a picture where or how you enjoy some Crazy Joe’s Salsa. Crazy Joe's created in the Northwoods of the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan brings a fresh and healthy way to snack and improve your meals. Recipes created by renowned chef Crazy Joe in intentions to bring flavor to the world. The salsas are made with premier selected fresh produce to deliver a quality product to you and your family. There are no unhealthy artificial ingredients or GMOs that were introduced to food products to increase shelf life. We believe in providing tasty fresh products so they will be consumed in the natural life span of the ingredients.

Crazy Joe's Fresh Mild & Spicy Salsa
Crazy Fresh & Sweet Cranberry Walnut Dip
Crazy Joe's Spicy Mushroom, Onion & Jalapeno Dip
Crazy Joe's Mild and Spicy Cucumber Salsa\
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